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"We hope that we can make people put their focus and appreciation

back to the details and workmanship in fashion, but not just the fast-moving trend. "



Previously worked as a Chief Designer for a renowned Hong Kong fashion designer label, Lilian always draws her inspirations by her love of the art of hand embroidery.


After years of her professional practice in the fashion industry, Lilian acquired her professional qualification in Haute Couture Embroidery at ECOLE LESAGE, the prestigious embroidery arts school owned by Chanel Group in Paris, and interned for ELISABETH GASBARRE ROUSSEAU HAUTE COUTURE STUDIO at Lyon, FRANCE.


Lilian is passing on her enthusiasm for embroidery by teaching short courses and to promote the art of fashion workmanship in Hong Kong.



In 2010, Matt won the Hong Kong Design Centre’s HONG KONG YOUNG DESIGN TALENT AWARD for his innovative work in Womenswear Knitwear provided with a scholarship which brought Matt to the top postgraduate art and design university, ROYAL COLLEGE OF ART in London, UK.

Matt’s professional experience started in Hong Kong with the international Chinese-style-inspired luxury label SHANGHAI TANG and a renowned Hong Kong fashion designer label. He also worked for PRINGLE OF SCOTLAND in London through internship.

Besides his role of a fashion designer, Matt also teach as a Visiting Lecturer in the university in Hong Kong to pass on and share his fashion experience and techniques.

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